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Team Classes – Experience Surge


Surge is more than a class, it is an innovative program designed to enhance results. Led by world-class instructors, you will experience a well-balanced schedule outlined to target each muscle group appropriately. Guaranteed to boost your caloric expenditure to upwards of 500 per session; you will experience both strength training and half cardio-based movements. We recognize the importance of balance, which is why we end each session with a soothing chilled towel followed with visualization. Imagine; a group exercise setting created to invigorate your day. You can now experience that over 2000 times a year with Surge.

Personal Training


Our primary focus is assisting you to achieve the results you aspire, allowing you to live your best life today. Because of this, a large percentage of Eco Gym members have worked with one of our fitness professionals. Our team consists of some of the most qualified trainers, certified from some of the most revered programs.

Our professionals use a combination of innovative findings and science to design your personalized program, guiding you to the results you desire; guaranteed.